1. How can I join the NSU Alumni Association?
You can either send an email requesting information to pgcmdcnsuaa@gmail.com or click the link below to fill out an online application. Dues are $50 per year.

2. What are the annual membership dues?

Membership dues are $50 per year. The financial year runs from July to June.

Membership dues may be mailed to:
PO Box 281
Laurel, MD 20725

Make checks payable to "PGCMDC of the NSUAA."

Or you can pay with a credit card using our secure online payment feature by clicking the following link

3. Do I have to be a graduate of NSU to join the alumni association.
No, you do not have to be a graduate. Whether you started at NSU and finished elsewhere, never finished, have a child at NSU, or just want to support the university, you can join the alumni association.
4. Are there meetings? If so, when?

Meetings are normally held from 3pm-5pm on the second Sunday of the month. Some meetings are by teleconference, others are face-to-face. Check the "Upcoming Events" section for meeting details. Because of the National Leadership Conference, no meetings are held in July.

5. How can I get one of those cool NSU License Plates (Maryland Residents Only)?
NSU License Plates are $50 for members and $100 for non-members. For more information email the Chapter at pgcmdcnsuaa@gmail.com.

6. Do I have to attend every meeting?
While we do like for members to attend the meetings to help present new ideas and perspectives, we realize that we all have very busy lives. If you cannot make the meetings you can assist the chapter in other ways such as providing monetary support for activities, staffing of events and attending chapter activities.
7. Do I have to live in Prince George's County to be a member?

No, you do not have to live in Prince George's County. As a matter of fact, we have members from Baltimore City;  Anne Arrundel, Howard and Montgomery Counties; as well as Washington, DC.