The PGCMDC is proud to announce that you can now conduct your alumni chapter business online!!! You can pay your annual dues, purchase NSU Alumni license plates,* and event tickets right from your computer. No longer will you have to look for a stamp and write out a check. Just click the appropriate button and follow the instructions.

The online payment service works through PayPal and is quick, safe and secure. Your financial information is never given out, so you do not have to worry about unauthorized access to your bank account. All online payment options include a $2 charge for processing that PayPal charges us to use the service. 
* Those wishing to purchase the NSU alumni license plates must first contact the chapter for the necessary paper work. You will NOT be able to get the plates from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration without first completing this paperwork.
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License Plates for Non-NSUAA Members
These plates are for those persons that are not members of the PGCMDC.
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There is a one-time $100 fee for Non-NSUAA members. Of these fees, $25 is for Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration costs, $25 supports the efforts of the PGCMDC in providing financial support for current NSU students. $50 goes towards a one year membership in the PGCMDC.
Price $102.00 USD